*walks into school*


Anonymous: i had a really bad monday and wound up crying because of some homophobic bullshit i was subjected to. you always manage to cheer me up. could i get a comic maybe? thnx either way. :)

i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me


shout out to my parents for not supervising what i do on the internet ever


something that i miss about childhood? well people don’t ask me what my favorite shape is anymore. adults just don’t do this. it’s a triangle in case you were wondering. you don’t care


Friendly reminder to all my ace friends that you are still asexual if:

  • you are not sex repulsed
  • you want sex
  • hell you may even love sex

Asexual means not feeling sexual attraction and I know there are a lot of jokes floating around on tumblr that paint aces in a no-sex-ever kind of way but being interested in sex is super normal just like not being interested in sex is normal okay

love you goobers bye


if u were a paper towel u’d be